Training at Night

All Mine Tonight

All Mine Tonight

It’s a Saturday night and I am trying to get a workout in. When so many people are relaxing for the night or going out on the town, I am entering a workout facility. My long time readers know that I tend to avoid fitness centers for some specified reasons (check out some of my fitness blogs).

I love to go at odd times but the most important thing I do is plan for it, ahead of time.  I know what my schedule is going to be like and working out is a top priority in my 24 hour clock.  I put that 1 hour or so in my calendar and I stick to it.  I do not go to a fitness center to mingle or socialize.  I do not care to notice the prehistoric “gym rats,” because I am there to train and not mate.

Sorry, that was Mike D who crept in to sneak in a couple sentences, last paragraph.  He did not mean to offend any wellness patrons that may or may not be seeking the attention of other people that are coming and going throughout the fitness center.

I go into the locker room, I change my shoes, to my indoor training shoes;  all the while I am getting ready, I am setting up my wireless head phones and start playing pre-training music.  If you want to know what I listen to when I am weight-training, here is the link to my High Intensity Workout Playlist on Google Play Music.

My next blog will cover my go-to songs for when I need extra effort.

Time to Work

Time to Work

When I leave that locker room, volume engaged in my head phones, it’s time to go to work.  For my own training I used to bring out a notepad and pen to keep track of my sets and reps.  I have found that I have settled in, on a wonderful app that does not require me to have to “sign up,” in order to use it.

It’s acts a tracker and analysis app, which happens to also have a rest timer within it.  There are more than just one (app) out there and I would encourage people that like to keep track of that information to browse and see what it available.

When a fitness center is empty, I have the ability to move from exercise to exercise, without having to wait until someone is finished using a piece of equipment.  I see that as another benefit to working out, past prime times.  If you enjoy working out during busier times, that’s great.  Some people would rather train when more people are in the center.  For some that can be motivating and I can see that aspect of it, for some people.

Whatever gets you training, keep doing it.  Want to learn more about my thought on public training facilities?  Read my archived blog, “Welcome to my Fitness Laboratory.”

Good luck everyone, keep training consistently, it’s worth the lifestyle change you will earn.


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