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I am taking a break from in my day to briefly show my reader / subscribers of MichaelDadourian.com, my use of an app, that tracks my weight training.

The app is called FitNotes and no, they did not cut me a check for the promotion.  Most people that know me well, or have come to know me through my website and work, know that I very rarely endorse any brand.  For me to do so, means I truly see the merit and usefulness of it.

For years, I used to bring my pad of paper, with my list of exercises to the health club, in order to list my sets and reps.  The problem with that was two-fold.  One, it is not very convenient and two, it does not automatically tally statistics.

FitNotes will tally statistics, like a total volume breakdown of my working sets, along with personal records along the way.  It is a great motivator as you will see in my screen grabs below.

When my clients are training with me, I try and always put in perspective, just how much weight they are pushing and pulling throughout their workout; this is especially important if one of the client’s primary goals is to gain strength or muscular endurance.  If they are working with a 10 pound dumbell, for a set of 15 repetitions, then they moved around 150 total pounds, in one working set! 150 pounds is much more than just a 10 pound dumbell!

As you can see above, FitNotes shows me what percentage breakdown of each body part trained.  This can be helpful throughout my months, to make sure I am not neglecting body parts.  FitNotes also showed me a total rep number, along with my total volume; yesterday, early morning, I had my way with 38,230 pounds or 17340.836 kilograms.

To put that in perspective, a typical, full-sized bus weighs about 33,000 pounds and a Cadillac Escalade weighs 5,000 pounds.  I moved the equivalent of both, with just upper body work! How do you move a mountain? I believe the answer is, one stone at a time.

I used to have FitNotes on my other phone but I unfortunately was unable to save my work from before.  There is a way to save and so FitNotes does a good job of giving users the option to backup their work.

I will take you all on my 1,000,000 pound journey.  I will share screen grabs periodically. Most likely when I reach, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000, 750,000, and 1 million.

Let me know what you would like me to cover in the next fitness blog of Michael Dadourian Training.

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  1. Lisa L'Heureux November 22, 2016 at 12:16 pm #

    Cool. Good job!


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