Current Psychology

Sometimes we only think the world is as large as that one person that interests us, at that time.  Then they are gone and whatever memories are still housed in the mind are working intensely to be set on fire, along with any pictures and keepsakes.  One day a memory comes, from a familiar time, all but forgotten. That’s the moment I realize that the person I try to recall, never existed at all.

The moments thereafter, are back to business as usual.  The day is today, not yesterday, not tomorrow… today.  The present day has changed me because of the continuous sobriety.  Not only sobriety from substances but sobriety from emotions.  Once, a very emotional human, I have actively practiced logic and patience.  Although my personality was hesitant and somewhat resistant to that change, it is now apart of my rewiring.

Once very co-dependent, I have reached the point of independence.  I no longer need someone to be with to fulfill some false-sense of happiness.  I have found happiness within myself.

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