Fitness: Relentless Routine

Goals inspire me and help me, facilitate the best possible program, for someone to excel at.  I put every client in a position to win.  Here’s a glimpse of Claire, below, relentlessly striking the bag.  Her strength and power is felt and heard, from those stiff strikes!  Her muscular endurance is progressing as well.

Training has helped build my confidence and strength not only physically but mentally too. Fitness training is a lifestyle that has made me become more aware of the things I should be doing  – Claire

You Too Can Excel

November, through December are typically the most difficult months to stay active and eat consistently healthy. Many people use food as a form of anxiety medication; comfort food is quite the fitting label in that case.  I must be extremely clear, here.

To achieve your best body aesthetic and functional capability, food does not outweigh exercise and vice versa.  Fitness & Diet are 50/50 and there is a variable that also can not be discounted.  That variable is genetics.

People can work on their spirit or energy.  People can educate their mind.  People can also feed themselves properly and model a healthy diet for their young ones.  Fitness can be modeled and practiced daily;  exercise does not require a membership to a health club.  I have many published blog entries conveying fitness ideas and my philosophy within that realm.  You can also check out The DKMD Show on YouTube or on which covers 5 aspects of Health & Fitness.

Exercise is not comfortable, it is not easy and it is unfortunately not prioritized.  The reward is in the progress, the little victories.  Clients of mine usually notice their confidence steadily go up, at the beginning of a program.  They notice their energy increasing.  They notice they are losing inches after a few weeks, at the same time, increasing muscular endurance and functional improvements.

A New Year will be the bar people wait to jump over but it really starts now.  It starts by making a decision and discovering your “why.”  Why do you want to change, what will you be willing to do in order to change it.

I have began working with fellow model and my massage therapist, Claire.  She has specific goals and she has self-admittedly had trouble establishing certain changes.  She’s a fighter though, she is courageous and she is doing doing things differently, realizing, it’s baby steps.

In 2017 I will be mostly transitioning into Coaching, Consulting & Advisement.  I will be available for scheduled Skype or Google Hangout, 60 minute cam to cam sessions.  I also will be able to send workouts via email.  I will only be working with a few hands on clients in 2017.

Feel free to contact me, for more information on the online services I offer.  Potential clients must be self-disciplined and willing to do what it takes in order to achieve their goals.  A thorough consultation will determine whether or not a person fits, what I am looking for in a clients. Consultations are FREE and last 15 minutes via Skype or Google Hangouts.

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