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Throughout my years, as a Fitness Professional, I have taught hundreds of fitness classes, worked with small groups and personal trained more than a hundred, courageous, inspiring people.

Questions I have often been asked, are in the realm of diet and supplementation.  Without fail, these questions are just as important as the questions regarding exercise science.  I deal with science fact, not science fiction and trend, when it comes to fitness.

There are no experts, whoever would like to claim to be.  They’re those people that are just more experienced than others, through their trials and errors.  If we would like to title the more experienced, specialist, should suffice.  In life, it’s not about titles, it’s about testimony.

It is a honest answer I give to my clients when I tell them that I do not suggest they take supplements with the hopes that it is a quick fix, nor should they rely on supplementation alone.  A supplement is supposed to be just that, to supplement, an already stellar diet.

I do not encourage clients, friends, relatives to go to any of the large franchises, such as GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.  Why, you may be asking yourself?  For one, they are such a large franchise, therefore may hire fitness and health enthusiasts but more times than not, they are not industry professionals.

I have been inside supplement stores all over the United States, Europe and Asia.  I walk in, to assess not just product but the people that service the store.  I am not a professional in the Sports Nutrition industry but I know enough, to know what to ask and what to look for.

A colleague, over the summer season, told me about a new sport’s nutrition store, in Royal Oak, Michigan.  He was really happy with the service, advisement and knowledge, of store owner, Dalton Criswell.  I then made it a point to go drive through, beautiful Main Street, in Royal Oak, Michigan.

MI Nutrition, Royal Oak

MI Nutrition, Royal Oak

It was a beautiful summer day, in early September, when I went in to MI Nutrition.  I had no expectations one way or the other, as is the case when I go into a new sport’s nutrition store.  I am always hopeful though because it excites me to meet people, who are like-minded and truly enjoy helping people.  This is what I discovered, by speaking with Dalton Criswell.

Before I get to that, let me just express my impression on the store.  Walking down Main Street, there are many great stores, restaurants, places to sit and people watch (if that’s your thing).

MI Nutrition was easily recognizable from the street, as it’s vibrant, contemporary sign stands out to anyone driving by or walking by.  Bring some loose change because parking on and around Main Street will cost just a little because of the parking meters.  Unless you go on the weekend, at which time, parking meters should not be enforced.

I have never had a problem parking within 10 to 25 meters, away from MI Nutrition.  Royal Oak is a bustling, Michigan city but easy to navigate.  The store front is very welcoming, with an OPEN sign lit brightly, on the front door.  Windows are spotless, and the walkway, is always clean leading up to the store.  The inside matches the outside’s cleanliness and the simple but contemporary style, is very attractive.

Inside MI Nutrition, Royal Oak.

Inside MI Nutrition, Royal Oak.

Walking inside of MI Nutrition, Royal Oak, was a refreshing feeling.  I expected boring shelves from top to bottom and everywhere in between.  I expected hundreds of useless supplements from A to Z.  I expected, actually, no, I forgot, I had no expectations.  The sport’s nutrition supplements are not overwhelming and I found them to be the highest of quality, in the store.

Dalton, without knowing who I was or expecting me otherwise, greeted me with a genuine smile and friendly greeting.  I have been to so many places where employees, not only clueless about sport’s nutrition product but also appear to be miserable that they have to work today.  As you can imagine, not the most pleasant to be around.

Dalton Criswell, on the other hand, was not at all miserable, he was the opposite.  The man was happy to talk about his store and his passion of sport’s nutrition. I am very aware of people.  I know when I am being sold and I know when I am free to buy.  I know when someone is disingenuous and I know when someone is being very genuine.  I know when someone knows what they are talking about by the way they make clear how something works.

At no point, did I ever feel Dalton, try to sell me anything.  I came prepared with questions and he answered them, so a Fitness Professional like me, could understand the other aspect of the industry.  He helped aid my own fitness goals and understood exactly what it was that I was trying to accomplish.  He understood that I am a Whole Food Raw Foodist and only eat whole raw foods.

Well, how was I going to be able to put on 15 pounds of lean muscle when all I eat are whole foods that are not cooked and nothing added to them?  The answer is, I was going to have to supplement and I was going to have to listen to his guidance and put my trust in someone that has been a professional in the industry for years.

I have not given up my aspirations in the modeling and film industry and when I have to achieve a certain body aesthetic, I know that if I keep my diet strict and add the proper supplementation, I will be on the right track.

I told Dalton, I wanted to do a blog about his store(s) (NEW Roveville, MI location is now OPEN).  This is not a paid advertisement.  My readers know that I am very opinionated with what I endorse unless I am being paid for it, I am a published model, after all.  I am doing this though, for my clients, friends, relatives that have asked me those same questions.  I am doing this for Dalton because he truly cares about sport’s nutrition and helping others achieve their goals.  I am doing this because it is the right thing to do.

Below is the transcript from the interview I recently had with Dalton Criswell, Owner of MI Nutrition.

MD:  Thank you for joining MichaelDadourian.com for this interview Dalton!  How is your brand, Mi Nutrition store and brand coming along?
DC: My pleasure Michael, the brand is coming along very well. I recently expanded into the Roseville area and have been growing on the daily.
MD: How long have you been in business and what made you want to get into the sports supplement industry?
DC: I’ve been in business for just over two years now. Sports nutrition became a part of my life at a very young age, I started working out and taking protein when I was 14 years old. Joined the football team in high school and started shopping at a local sports nutrition shop called Nutrishop (chain nutrition store)  in Florida where I am from and fell in love. I started working in the industry part time while I was in high school and fell in love with the idea of being able to help others.
MD:  I have walked into a great many supplement stores over the years, whether it is a large franchise chain or independent businesses, one thing I noticed is how remarkably clean & organized Mi Nutrition is!  Were you conscious of that through the entire process of opening your store and did you have any interior design help?
DC: Thank you! That is one of my goals- to have a clean and organized atmosphere for my customers to have  the best experience. I did have help with the design and layout from a few friends that I have down in Florida, we wanted a different concept design.
MD: Another thing I look for when I go into the sports nutrition store is how knowledgeable the staff, manager(s) or owner are.  Unfortunately the reason I do not recommend stores to my clients is that I do not believe that most have that legitimate experience to guide and recommend.  However, that changed after meeting you and speaking with you for quite some time.  Why is it important for you to help people become more informed about sports nutrition and help people achieve their goals?
DC: Great question. That really hits home for me because I was never able to find truly knowledgeable people that sold true to label products. The issue with my industry in a lot of cases is that there is very little authenticity to the products on the market today. The FDA does not regulate or have rules for supplements- this allows companies to add fillers to their products with very little repercussion. This is why I am very selective on the products I carry in my stores, it allows me to stand behind what I sell.
MD: If you get help people get rid of any misconceptions they have about sports supplements, what would they be if any?
DC: I feel like sports nutrition has an interesting reputation because of the lack of regulations. However with your staple products such as Protein, Creatine, BCAA’s to name a few- have more credited studies than some over the counter drugs. Education is key, if you educate yourself you will understand the benefits and risks with any supplement.
MD: I try and let my clients know that nothing beats eating the right way and sports supplementation should be just that, a supplement to an already stellar diet.  What do you say to those people that rely to heavily on the proverbial “magic pills?”
DC: Simple answer- THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL. You are on point with this one, there really isn’t much else to be said, you are supplementing what you are not getting most of the time. Good diet is key, once you get that down there are some key supplements to aid in recovery and increase strength.
MD:  If people want to connect with your brand (i.e. website, social networks, etc), where can they go?
DC: Website: minutritionstores.com     Instagram: @MI_Nutrition    Facebook: @minutritionstores
MD:  If my readers and/or clients come into the store for the first time, are they able to receive a first purchase discount?

DC: Absolutely- if they mention your website they will receive 15% off.

MD: Thank you again for joining MichaelDadourian.com, Dalton.  Can we expect you back for future tips or interviews in the future?
DC: Absolutely, thanks for the interview
MI Nutrition, Roseville.

MI Nutrition, Roseville.

If you have a tough time getting to the Royal Oak, MI location… try checking out MI Nutrition’s NEW location, in Roseville, MI.

Dalton has experienced specialists in the field of Sport’s Nutrition and whether you visit the Royal Oak or Roseville location, you will be greeted by passionate consultants.

My best advice to my clients, colleagues, friends, and relatives is to come prepared to ask questions. 

Also, be honest! 

  • Tell them your goals (your real goals).
  • Be able to tell them your current diet (everyone has a diet, whether good or bad)
  • If you don’t understand something, ask them to clarify.


  • When in doubt, ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to begin a workout regiment and supplement implementation.
  • Pay attention to your body, journal your energy and progression through the new exercise, diet, supplementation
  • There is no magic pill and no replacement for discipline, dedication & determination.  Real progress comes with patience
  • Consistency over intensity, this is especially important for newbies and/or people that have taken a considerably long break.
  • Take pictures every 4 weeks to see your progress and stay motivated.

What do I know?

What I do, defines me.

What I do, defines me.

  • Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor since 2005
  • Created standing room only, Michael Dadourian’s Urban Boot Camp Class, at Wayne State University, featuring custom music by DJ Joey A in 2008.
  • Published modeling work for Shades Optical, Birmingham, MI & other clients.
  • Author of Intimate Recovery and survivor of dual-diagnosis – addiction, bi-polar tendencies, and depression
  • Actor, appearing in commercials for ABC’s Sonoran Living, programming.
  • Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor Consulting & Advising
  • I know that my past has nearly destroyed me and my future’s uncertainty could terrify me; I know that my today I continue to build my body for strength, power, agility, and overall function.  The bonus that comes along with all of that, is body aesthetic.  This ’80 baby, is not done, not by a long shot.
  • I know that if you have a goal or goals for 2017, that you should act on them, instead of cursing 2017 12 months from now.  Get professional help in fitness and health. It is out there.  Go over to MI Nutrition in Royal Oak, MI and speak with Dalton Criswell.  Education is power and willingness to act, will make you unstoppable. Nobody will be able to stop you, they can only hope to contain you.

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