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It’s really easy to respond to national trend and what popular culture deems as the only form of entertainment, that supposedly matters.  The more I live on this planet, Earth, the more I despise popular culture and social expectations.  I don’t mind the rare realness that resonates from those that have a national / international voice.

Who do I love, who do I value?  Simply, my fam, the people that never gave up on me.  Those people happen to be more blood than some blood relatives.  I know some of the most talented people in almost every artistic, industry.  The like-minded, find each other.  I click with those people that create, imagine, that go against what is expected of them.

My family happens to be my brother, Joey A, a.k.a DJ Joey A and his wife Tanya.  I met them both, when we started WYLD Wednesdays at The former Post Bar, Novi ( read So Crucial Events: Back To The Future below).

So Crucial Events: Back To The Future

Joey and I became an incredible team and continued to co-host WYLD Wednesday for a year, together.  Although I did not know Joey very long, I was invited to his wedding and became great friends with his wife as well.  Both Joey and Tanya have seen my worst, in addiction and had no reason at all, to forgive me, to deal with me ever again.

When most people left when I became more than difficult to deal with, they weathered the storm and saved me in more ways than one.  I of course, had to save myself first and it took near death to realize life.  Joey and Tanya are my family, they are as close as it gets, they may as well have the same blood… warm blooded.

I keep a close inner circle and decisions I make in my life, personally and professionally usually go to the “committee” first.  Joey and Tanya’s opinion matter most and I know that no decision is made without the “committee,” co-signing it.

I was really excited to receive a great gift from Joey and Tanya the other night.

It was really great to receive these things from my favorite people in life.  Joey prides himself on taking care of his loved ones and his clients.  Over the last few years he has transitioned more and more from his residency DJ spots, to being a Wedding Specialist.  He has won Wedding Wires Couple’s Choice Award, two years in a row!  He is highly sought after because of his history on Channel 9-5-5, his popular resident DJ Nightclub spots and the respect of his peers.

What should you expect to receive if you book DJ Joey A, as a Wedding Specialist, on your special day?  Well, besides the best night of your life, a professional experience for you and all of your guests.  Check out the video below, as this provides a glimpse of the majesty that is the DJ Joey A experience on a Wedding Night!

Would you like more information on DJ Joey A’s Wedding Services, go to

How does working out at a health club sound, while DJ Joey A supplies 40 hours of music?  Check out the brand NEW DJ Joey A custom USB music collection! (below)


Listen to DJ Joey A’s Mix Session Vol 1 through 20, Deep In The Crates, Feel The Vibe and Mixology 101 and 102!

This USB can be inserted into your computer and then also transferred to your phone and blue tooth, in your car.

If you want to sample DJ Joey A’s music, proceed to

Do you have any questions for DJ Joey A, regarding Wedding availability or his NEW merch? Follow him on Facebook!

Want to go out for an incredible night of dancing and having fun with your fam?

DJ Joey A can be seen at Mr. B’s in Royal Oak, MI on Friday nights and Delux, in Downtown Detroit, MI.

Here is a video of the last event I hosted with DJ Joey A, at Delux, in Detroit (below).

DJ Joey A and I are always open to opportunities to host an event for different occasions but our availability is very limited.  Please understand that our time is valuable, along with yours.  Please be professional, when contacting myself or DJ Joey A.

DJ Joey A is not only one of my mentors but one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.  More importantly, he is family.

It’s that time for me, to get back to my DJ Joey A, custom USB, with 40 plus hours of music!

DJ Joey A Merch

DJ Joey A Merch

You’re listening to the sounds of DJ Joey A!

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