Greatest Podcast in the Universe

Are you caught up with every episode of The Shaffee Show!?

Proceed to the Greatest Podcast in the Universe!

Proceed to the Greatest Podcast in the Universe!

Since 1999, you may have had the pleasure of hearing him on the radio in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan.  You may have heard him on the radio in Atlanta; where he also was the Public Address Announcer, for the then, Atlanta Thrashers!  He was also in professional wrestling, where he was the Manager of one of the most influential wrestler of the last quarter century, Sabu! Read: Latest on Sabu in New Sports Illustrated Article!

So what’s this new Podcast all about? What’s the topic Shaffee? 

Well check it out by clicking the banner above, you will enter the official website of The Shaffee Show! You can also listen to the show, via Stitcher!

The Shaffee Show is an exciting show and listeners will definitely be treated to a roller coaster ride, all over; Shaffee talks about life, sports and all things “wrestling.”  The laughs are “outta nowhere,” and happen throughout the show.  This show is for mature audiences.  Have a question for Shaffee to cover in an upcoming episode? Let him know, at 

My book, Intimate Recovery, is the official sponsor of The Shaffee Show!  If you have supported Intimate Recovery, please support The Shaffee Show and if you did not support Intimate Recovery but want to support the best, the greatest Podcast, in the entire universe, bookmark and listen on

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