The Shaffee Show: 1.6.2017

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Proceed to the Greatest Podcast in the Universe!

Proceed to the Greatest Podcast in the Universe!

The Shaffee Show is back, a second show in the same week!?  What’s the deal, has he gone mad?

Is Shaffee insecure about his age?  Are people just trying to be nice to him.  Listen to him, break down his birthday, this past December.

He also breaks down his predictions for the college and NFL playoff picture and talks the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!  Who deserves to be in?  We even get an update from Charles Manson and his recent hospitalization.

It’s all going down, on The Shaffee Show!

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The following podcast may contain some content that does not reflect the Michael Dadourian brand and Intimate Recovery. The Shaffee Show’s content may not be suitable for all listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

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