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So it begins.

So it begins. Pre-production, prior to principal photography, engage with the image to see the trailer for “Intimate Recovery,” an Arturo Rivera Film.


Have you ever wanted to accomplish something so bad, that you were afraid to even begin?  Where do you even begin? What opposition will reveal itself and in what forms?

Nobody has an opinion, until you do something that is deemed abnormal to the nine to fivers.  Get a job, punch the clock, be told when to eat and when to leave.  That life for an artist, is no life at all, it is a mere existence.  Having mentioned that… people that work as an employee and punch a clock, for a job that they love, I have all the respect for those people.  For them, the job is most likely not considered a job.

I love the hustle, I love the grind, the process, the journey, it’s the fun part.  The reward is the finished project, the treasure is giving back to society, in a way that can benefit others, especially those in need.

I wrote Intimate Recovery for those people willing to discover a life in recovery and break away from the bondage of addiction.  My book is for the willing, the willing human, that will do everything different, in order to change.

Getting sober is a lot harder than staying sober but staying sober has given me a second lease on life.  Through sobriety I have earned things back, that through my substance abuse, I gave all away.  Slowly, steadily, my continuous sobriety has afforded me opportunity and a stronger circle of friends.

My book was overwhelming to write, as I spoke about, on The Shaffee Show.  I was hesitant to go on my fam’s show because I did not want people to think I sponsored his show, just for the hope of getting on.  Truth be told, I was just planning on sponsoring his show, as I believe in my friend, my brother, Shaffee.

Shaffee has a voice that is unlike any other.  He has a unique ability, that is one of a kind really.  His dynamic style, takes the listener through a roller coaster of emotion and thought provoking moments, that come full circle.  Shaffee is an acquired taste, so to speak.  You either love the show or change the show but one thing is for sure… he has a massive following that have made the journey with him, whether it was in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Atlanta (on the radio) or his professional wrestling adventures with the most influential wrestler of the last 30 years, the legendary, Sabu.

I did decide to do Shaffee’s podcast and I am very happy I did.  I decided it would not be a conflict of interest, even though I am a sponsor, as I expressed to him, regardless of if I am on the show or not, I believe in his podcast and I believe in him.

I would implore my readers, to listen to

The Shaffee Show – 01/03/17

from his website above, or below, via Stitcher’s embed player

I want to sincerely thank, my brother Shaffee, for an incredible episode and wish him continued success!  If you feel so inclined, to share this episode with friends, relatives and/or, who you consider family, feel free.  You may never know just how powerful your reach really is.

If you want to ask questions for another time that I am a guest, on The Shaffee Show, contact Shaffee on Facebook, with the subject, “Ask Michael.”

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Peace & Love my Brothers and Sisters!

Intimate Recovery Trailer  | Film Coming Soon

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