Heartfelt Inspiration

I want to share a couple videos with my readers of one of the best souls I have come to know, over the years.  She means a lot to me and I will always be in her corner.  It was difficult to listen and watch her in her Day 1, video but I was, I am, so proud of her.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be this real, this authentic.  I know her hope is to stay accountable to herself but now she can stay accountable to her many subscribers and I know she will inspire people.

Bring out the tissue because this Day 1 video (below) will pull on your heart strings.  Be sure to give a Like, Subscribe to her channel. Feel free to also share with your network(s) and/or specific friends.

Day 1

Day 4

I am going to continue to post videos. Stay tuned for more updates!

Feel free to check out THE DKMD Show on YouTube. The Seasons may have wrapped but Special Episodes will be coming in Spring/Summer 2017.

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