Kristy Ann Joins Intimate Recovery Cast

The lights flickered in my brain, struggling in a hospital bed, in a far away place; I was supposed to die. It appears the medical staff in that far away place, cared enough to save my life. The first week of February, 2013, I was checking out of this world. By the second week of February, 2013, I was on the road to recovery. Everything is hazy, from those couple weeks. My estimated last drink, was February 4th, 2013.

Now, fast forward to today. As of this blog entry, I am into my 4th year of sobriety. I have gained so much back in my life and I wrote my “Intimate Recovery,” to help just one person, get sober and stay sober.  What I did not expect was the response from so many people, that did not have a problem with substance abuse themselves but knew someone struggling.

Now, the film, based off the book is being Directed by highly esteemed, Arturo Rivera (links in trailer below).  The film wraps its last sequence, in late April.

I am proud and honored to express to my supporters, that my dearest friend and face of my So Crucial brand, Kristy Ann is joining the cast!

Kristy Ann Joins Intimate Recovery Cast

Kristy Ann Joins Intimate Recovery Cast

Let me back up 4 years.  I did not know Kristy during my addiction and I had all but torpedoed my own brand.  I was in the early stages of rebuilding, Michael Dadourian and So Crucial, in my early recovery.

Besides a couple people in my life, prior to that, most people did not want to touch my brand.  I was too much of a liability at that point.

When it came to Kristy, I knew through my lens, this woman was an absolute beauty.  Her modeling inspired my desire to want to get back into modeling, myself.  Her ability to be a chameleon was something I always prided myself in but Kristy perfected it.

Her work ethic, her ability to sell product, services, magazines, music videos is just at an entirely different level.  Not since a So Crucial original, Claudia Verela, had I been so inspired by a fellow model.  I can respect Kristy as a model, as professional as they come, yet, I can fan boy out, at the same time!  I am a huge fan of my friends.  I want their brand to do well, I want them to follow their dreams.  I want them to not give up, until their creative outlet is rewarded.

Kristy took a chance on my brand and we became incredible friends over the last 4 years,  She has helped me through some very difficult times and I would like to think I have helped her as well.

We both are the first to support each other’s projects.  Whether it’s me buying her magazine covers, her buying my book and modeling my So Crucial… it’s mutual love and respect.

Kristy’s heart is one of a kind, which makes her one of the most beautiful humans on the planet.  She is selfless, courageous, strong and intelligent.  She loves all and her light shines so bright.

I am grateful she has accepted a role in Arturo Rivera’s Film Short, “Intimate Recovery.”  I am very excited to work with Kristy and I truly believe that the audience is going to love this film once post-production is finished.

Links to Kristy’s Social Media, along with Arturo Rivera are in the Film Trailer’s Description, below.

INTIMATE RECOVERY TRAILER from Michael Dadourian on Vimeo.

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