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The Fate Of The Furious Film Poster

The Fate Of The Furious Film Poster

It’s about that time, again.  It’s about that time to bring back the highest grossing action film franchise of all-time.  The Fate Of The Furious enters theaters on April 14th, for the 8th installment; the first without Paul Walker (R.I.P).

Having watched the film trailer, I am not thrilled with the ever progressive, highly fictional, vehicle physics.  I understand trying to top the last films insane car sequences but that’s not why people fell in love with the very first film.

The very first film appealed to everyone’s longing for family.  Okay, I won’t speak for everyone.  I will express, for me, I loved that the film followed a group of friends that referred to each other as family.  Sure, a couple of them were blood relatives but their definition of family included connection, not just blood relation.

I was invested in the story, I was invested in the characters.  I wanted to follow this family around, I wanted to join the family and that’s the reason I believe the film did so well.  Years later, a couple bad sequels and some ridiculous car physics, the theme still resonates well… it’s all about family.

They are truly ride or die.

I have to finish this blog entry, with a cut off the soundtrack, by G-Eazy and Kehlani, “Good Life.”  I did not know who Kehlani was before I saw this music video but I definitely became a fan, real quick.  People that know me, know I have always had a thing for R&B singers and have dated a couple… the way Kehlani moves and those tattoos, especially that facial tattoo (only other woman that can pull it off is Cleo Wattenstrom), so sexy.

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