You Can Call Me Mike D

Guess who’s back? It’s me mother fuckers, Mike D. Michael Dadourian would try and warn you before he started cussin’ but he ain’t me and right now he is a little busy… being tied up in the basement.

I Ain't Scared a the Dark

I Ain’t Scared a the Dark

I did it, I did it because I can’t take his little fucking recovery journey.  This was my homie, we promised the demons, we were gonna ride for life.

Michael Dadourian, I mean, the guy made me be in that stupid ass book recovery promo video on his YouTube channel.  Couldn’t you see us together, you saw it!  Did it look like I wanted to share camera time with that dude!?

Fuck this dude.  I told him nobody gonna buy his book.  Nobody gon share that shit.  Nobody wants to help share nothin’ positive.  Look at that Facebook shit, peep sharing poison.  Peep sharin’ politics, cats and kids.  Those same kids, they gon grow up, not wantin’ Facebook cuz they ma or pop never asked no permission to put they ass all over social media.

Michael Dadourian think peep gonna buy that damn Intimate Recovery book and they gon want get sober.

News flash, when you read this shit after you find your way off those chains… nobody wants to get sober Michael Dadourian, let alone stay sober.  I will patiently wait for you to see everything you done, was done for nothin’.

Peep so self-consumed, they just want to stay numb in they own world.  You fuckin’ stupid ass. What the fuck they feed you at that University you graduate from.  You learn how to read some book and put some sentence together.  What you learn ’bout the street though? Who fuckin’ taught you that though?  Who helped you through the hood?

I did!  You remember that.  I was there, when people turned they back on you.  You remember that when your behavior that was supposed to be your little cry for help, had all your relatives just call you crazy.  What did you think? You think your blood relatives gave one fuck about the signs?  What about all them chicks you were with?  Did you find one that was sane, to your insane?

This ain’t no ride along.  I ain’t gonna sit by and watch this recovery shit no more.  We are going back to where we were.  I won’t be too far away, I’m gonna wait in the shadows for you.  The night is coming and you are going to lose your mind.  Your mind can’t keep this charade up.  It’s you and me.

You can listen to some inspiring music, you can keep close to your inner circle who you call your “family,” but one day, you are going to slip up.  One day, you are going back to that place.

You keep tryin’ to create them boundaries from peep.  You keep tryin’ to make them good decisions.  You keep tryin’ to stay optimistic.

You ain’t mention no gods in your book? Where they at?  I even bought your book, I just tryin’ to support your lost cause.  I’m even gon have you sign it for me.  I’m gonna go straight to the basement, unlock your shackles and you can sign my book… our book. You think I’m separate from you?

You are me.  I am you.  Don’t you understand that?  Let that fuck with your mind, let that fuckin’ resonate. I heard you gotta a lil blog comin’ called “Rise.”  Good luck with that.

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