Intimate Recovery is at The Treehouse

It's a honor to be amongst these great authors, at Treehouse, Farmington.

It’s a honor to be amongst these great authors, at Treehouse, Farmington.

As of this published blog entry, I have been sober for more than 4 years.  I was not supposed to make it out of the hospital but thankfully I did.  I was finally ready and willing to do whatever it took, to stay sober.  You see, everyone that struggles with substance abuse, has to be willing to get sober and stay sober.  The person who struggles, can not do it for work, family, children, etc.  No person, place or thing can ever keep someone sober.

I had to do it for myself and it took almost giving up my life, not once but twice, to realize that I wanted to live.

I went back to a familiar place, when I returned to Metro Detroit.  I returned to the place that I had not been to in years.  I returned to The Treehouse for Earth’s Children, located in Farmington, Michigan.  I had originally visited The Treehouse when I was a teenager and had my very first Wheat Grass Shot!  I was hooked after that.  From there, I went away to attend EMU and traveled the world, post bachelor degree.

Unfortunately I traded in Wheat Grass Shots, for shots of poison.  One kind of shot to heal the body and another kind of shot to destroy it.  I struggled for years, with substance abuse, as documented in my book, “Intimate Recovery.” (also available for purchase at The Treehouse).

Fast forward to today, I walk into The Treehouse almost everyday for a few of my favorite food items.

Produce Arrives Weekly at the Treehouse!

Produce Arrives Weekly at the Treehouse!

I have a chapter in my book, that I talk about diet.  Having a proper, healthy diet (comprised of raw food), has helped my body repair and feel better than ever.

I have more energy at 36 years of age, than I had at the age of 20.  I find that consuming living enzymes from whole raw foods has made the difference.

I have trusted The Treehouse for Earth’s Children, with my nutrition needs.  I have built my body back, with the help of The Treehouse and their knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful staff.

My favorite produce selections include –

  • Bananas
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Arugula

From the Cafe, I tend to order –

  • Raw Potato Dish (ask Lisa about it)
  • Power Drink (ask Lisa about it)
  • Kale Salad

I also make it a point, to attend The Treehouse Buffet, that takes place every 3rd Sunday of the month.  Included in the spread are Raw Foods and Gerson Book Foods.

I want to thank The Treehouse for believing in me and supporting my book, by making it available for people to purchase.  If my book can help just one person, than that is my reward.  To save just one life, will have made my life worthwhile.  I would encourage people to check out The Treehouse for more than just the produce, cafe and lunch buffet, once a month.

The Treehouse for Earth’s Children also has massage therapy and many other alternative medicine services.  There are all kinds of classes running throughout the year also!  People from all over Michigan go to The Treehouse.  People go for the wealth of knowledge made available to them but also the kindness and wonderful energy that surrounds everyone.

I wish everyone well on their respective health journey.  If you see me at The Treehouse, feel free to communicate with me! I am sure I will see many of you at the Monthly Treehouse Buffet!

Also, for those that did not know, my book, “Intimate Recovery,” is in film production and will be coming soon; the trailer is below!  Thanks to The Treehouse, they helped fuel (via glorious food) my fitness training sessions, for the last sequence of the film that requires me to achieve a certain body aesthetic.

INTIMATE RECOVERY TRAILER from Michael Dadourian on Vimeo.


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