Last Call

Here we are, has been around (ad free) for more than 11 years!  Have I ever mentioned, that 11 is my favorite number and was my soccer number? Ok, that’s neither here nor there but it’s a random Mike D fact.  I feel inclined to let my readers/supporters know, that this will be my last blog under the current format.  What does that mean?

It means that for years I did not monetize my YouTube channel and I did not monetize my website because I hated going to sites myself and waiting through ads or seeing annoying pop-ups hit my screen.  I did not care about the money because I knew that I did not want some unwarranted ads popping up on my site and my YouTube channel, advertising something that I did not want associated with my brand.

After 11 years, I will continue the no ad policy on but there will be changes coming over the course of days and weeks.  The first change is, that to access new blogs, people will have to sign up as members.  No NEW blogs will be able to be read without a membership.

Will the membership cost money?

Of course it will cost money and I will tell you why.  I sometimes author.  My time, just like your time, is valuable.  We all deserve to be paid for, what we love doing the most.  I love creating content and will continue to love it.

Why was free for so long?

As I mentioned above, I did not want advertisements annoying my traffic.  I did not want to associate myself with particular advertisers and could not in good faith, co-sign their products.  I also made free for so long because I had a store, with product in it i.e. So Crucial, THE DKMD Show branded clothing, natural health supplements, and I also have online services.  The idea was always to offer free content in hopes that my supporters would want to buy product, to help continue to fund

How much will be and what will it include?

My graphic designer/developer and I are working on a membership format that will allow supporters to either purchase a reoccurring monthly membership (cancel anytime) or they can purchase a one time year membership!

If you are new to the Michael Dadourian / So Crucial brand, you may want to do monthly, to start.  If you are a long-time supporter, you know what to expect and will save money by purchasing a year.  The year membership will cost less than a bad Saturday night out on the town.

The membership will include all new blogs (ranging from fitness & health, erotic literature, sexual health, sobriety, and anything that my members want to read about, I will draft and publish exclusive content).  Paid memberships will also include exclusive videos, pictures and will receive my Snapchat username.

Thank you for your continued support and love.

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