Intimate Recovery: Wrapped

Eyes of the Beholder

Eyes of the Beholder

What. A. Beautiful. Day.

I’m home, in peace, love and nature.  I am incredibly grateful, today, to be able to appreciate, so many things.  My Sober Coach asks me daily, what my word for the day is and I always say, “gratitude.”  To be here, laying on this hammock, right off the dock, was not always promised for me.  In fact, my fate, was nearly ill-fated.

I don’t need to go back there though, not anymore.  My blogging on addiction, and recovery, can be searched through my site or directly accessed through the links in this sentence. you are presently reading.  I also wrote a book, my Intimate Recovery can be bought on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iStore, and also read at Scribd.

I have always wanted to write a book, after all, my undergraduate degree is a Degree in Language, Literature and Writing, from Eastern Michigan University.  My minor was Communications and Theater Arts, which gave me a curriculum between both my Minor and Major that I really enjoyed.  When I came to the realization I did not want to teach, I began studying exercise science so I could train people.  In a sense, I still taught but I traded an academic classroom for a fitness classroom. I’ve ultimately bounced back and forth.

I am very grateful that my first book is a self-help book.  It really is for those people that are willing to get sober and stay sober.  I am happy that it has been well received and I am grateful for the feedback.  I want to also thank so many of my closest friends fam, that have supported my book by donating, buying it and sharing it.  Which by the way, it can be shared on Facebook (Like & Share) and via the book’s website, I also want to thank Nicole, who manages Intimate Recovery, on Facebook.  She does a great job maintaining it and forwarding me, the messages.

If the book is good to read, on a hammock, during the day time… what happens when… night falls?

Watch the Intimate Recovery Short Film Trailer Here!

Watch the Intimate Recovery Short Film Trailer at

When night falls, it’s time to put Intimate Recovery, the book, down.  When night is at its darkest and most eerily, silent, then is the time to watch the Intimate Recovery, the short film, trailer. Turn the volume up and hold on!

INTIMATE RECOVERY TRAILER from Michael Dadourian on Vimeo.

Who is ready for this short film, to come out!?

I’m extremely appreciative to have been inspired to do this film and it’s because of the visionary Director, Arturo Rivera, that we are bringing people this visual interpretation of Intimate Recovery.

That's a Wrap

That’s a Wrap

Arturo is no stranger to film making and was a cinematographer on the feature length film, Krampus 2.  He has been so incredibly active in 2017 and NY Elite Magazine did an article on Arturo, which included highlighting Intimate Recovery.

Arturo has been a vital part of my recovery and rekindling an old love… the performing arts.  You see, I am a college educated and trained, Thespian.  Having mentioned that, acting for film is much different than acting in theater.  I was much more comfortable with stage acting, than I was with acting for film.

In theater, all movements have to be bigger and louder, almost exaggerated.  After all, the audience is sitting more than 50 feet away but in film, movements are much less animated.  It was a difference I was not quite used to.

I am a has-been, model, but I am familiar with playing characters, I’m used to playing a role. When I decided I had enough courage to take on this role, the real growing began.

Director Arturo Rivera on his latest film “Intimate Recovery”

From pre-production to principal filming, Arturo has been a hands-on director, a passionate story teller and an inspiring artist.  I have to thank both him and Jerry Reid for this amazing journey.  It is 1 of 2, of the biggest projects of my entire, professional & personal life.


I have learned so much about film, that I never knew before.  I have also learned that when given an opportunity, guidance and a goal… it’s hard to then miss your mark.

Working with Arturo Rivera has been rewarding and I have been taken back by who else I have met through the making of this film.  I want to thank, cast mate and multi-talented Musician/Artist, Jay Ohso.

Jay is so well respected in Detroit, as an incredible recording artist/lyricist.  Jay plays multiple characters in Intimate Recovery and I must say, one of the most committed artists, I have ever worked with.

For my fitness training and certain emotional scenes, I listened to a lot of Jay Ohso on YouTube!

Her Voice Silences My Demons

When deciding who should play my other half, there was much thought put on it.  We talked about what this person should possess.  This woman would ultimately be a person who compliments this man’s strength in recovery by being just as strong, just as courageous.

This woman’s mere presence is enough for our leading man’s heart, to begin beating, an inspired beat.  Her love and care is consistent and trusted.  Her loyalty is unquestioned and her ability to move a room is apparent.

She needed to contrast his darkness, with her light.

What happens when your best friend wants the role but you don’t ask her?

What almost happened was me, not asking Kristina Spillane, also known as Model Kristy Ann.  I am glad I finally did ask her.

Kristy Ann

Kristy Ann

Kristina is one of only a couple people in my inner circle, that did not know me, during my substance abuse issues.  I met her when I got sober and we became fast friends and she even became the Face of my So Crucial brand.

In this day and age, a great many people are self-consumed and do not have much interest in others.  Kristina is much different of a person and she sees the good in everyone.  Her heart is uniquely, one of a kind.  She helped rebuild part of my brand, professionally and personally, has helped me through a great deal.

I would like to think I have helped her some, too.

She does not owe me anything, though.  Yet, she was the first to donate to my book.  She was also the first to share it.

She does not owe me anything.

Who else encompasses what my better half, in Intimate Recovery, should possess?  Who else but Kristina?

I put myself out there.  I asked.  It made me feel slightly vulnerable.  People don’t understand, this project is the most important of my life and if someone you respect so highly, if they say “no,” then it would be tough.  Although, it never came to that because Kristina agreed to do it and complimented me by really wanting to do it.  It’s great when a respected artist works on the same project with you but it’s even better when they are just as anxious, to be apart of it.

I am very happy that Kristina was apart of it because acting is never that difficult when it’s fam.

It’s a Small World

On a photo shoot, shortly after Kristina and I filmed our sequence for Intimate Recovery, Kristina met Antoinette Marie.  This was not a planned meet and they so happened to both be in the same state for a photo shoot.  Antoinette and I met years ago and is one person I have an extremely spirited connection with.  I find that everything in the Intimate Recovery Universe has happened for a reason.  It has truly put the right people together, at the right time.

Thank you, Mi Familia, for taking pictures with my book!  Feel free to tag @IntimateRecovery on FB

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