F*** Beast Mode

Silence. Please.

Silence. Please.

Everyone wants to go beast mode.  Well, I am not everyone.  Fuck beast mode, I go straight Godzilla.

I almost died, twice.  Not once. Twice.

I wasted away to nothing, 5’10,” 100 and nothing.  How could a person that worked in the fitness and health field, struggle with substance abuse? Trust me when I express to you, my reader(s), it’s as possible as athletes, doctors, nurses, psychologists, musicians, police officers and criminals, all eating lunch together, at rehab.

The disease of addiction, does not discriminate and it is a family disease, which means, it has the ability to destroy families.

Now, I am almost 5 years old (sober age) and I have more than learned how to walk again.  All my motor functions have returned.  The body is a remarkable machine.  To a point, the body and its organs have the ability to regenerate.

I learned to walk again, I learned to eat again, I learned to push and pull weight again.  I am more than off to the proverbial races.  My confidence is higher than it has ever been.  I walk into a health club and I have supreme confidence.


When I used to work at health clubs, I used to train on the same floor, where I worked.  I always suggest doing that, if you are a new trainer.  It’s good for members, to see you, training where you work.  You may turn a member, into a client because they may be more willing to talk to you and not as defensive, as if they thought you were trying to prospect them.

Sure, you may not get a hard training session in but you can always get a membership at another health club; you can even turn part of your home, into a workout space.

The pictures from up above, are pictures of my primary workout facility.  I chose it, based on what I call, “the nostalgia choice.”  I used to work here from 1996 to 2004.  It was my very first, real job.  Every time I walk into this place I rediscover memories receive great energy, from them.

I put my wireless head phones on and my training mask, which allows me, to get into, my necessary zone.  It allows me to prepare to take my monster, out of his cage, for a hour or two, each day.

Headphones go on, mouths go shut.

Headphones go on, mouths go shut.

The music beats hard and the accompanied lyrics, deliver knock-out, caliber, strikes.

Want to listen to what I listen to?

Here is my High Intensity Workout Playlist, via Google Play!  Most of these tracks have explicit lyrics so proceed with caution.  Feel free to add, down below, in the comment section, your favorite training tracks.

Music is incredibly important; it is one of the greatest motivators in life.  What are some of my other motivators?

  • Function – I want to perform everyday activities without being out of breath. I want to be well balanced, especially in the winter, when it is slippery out. I want to be functionally strong, so I can lift things, or people 😉
  • Aesthetic –  I want to look good, for me, for her.  I want my body to turn her on and back to that function, I want my body, to perform well, for her.
  • Longevity –  Since I almost died, twice, I want to live once.  I merely existed, when I was abusing substances.  Instead of just existing, I want to live.  I want to embrace my time on Earth; with proper diet and fitness, I should be able to increase my life span…the Universe, willing.
  • Critics – Embrace the critics, I thank them, after all…they help feed my monster.
If she weighs less than 140 pounds, I can press her, for reps.

If she weighs less than 140 pounds, I can press her, for reps.

Form follows function and function is extremely important to me.  I used to play soccer and that sport, dictated the type of training I did.  I knew there was a purpose, to the training.  The ability to run the equivalent of 6 miles, for 90 minutes, was paramount.

Therefore, my cardiovascular training, had to be on a whole other level.

To be able to serve a ball, 50+ meters, to a teammate’s foot, required a lot of leg training.  This was my functional work, at that time.  Well, that’s been over.  I have not played in a soccer match, in more than 4 years and I lost my passion for it, much longer than that.

Now, I want to be able to perform, everyday, life activities, without injury or loss of breath.  Add, my need, to want to perform incredibly well, in the bedroom, is another, motivating function, now.

My next girl and I won’t be turning on football on Sundays, watching a bunch of overpaid, adult children, running around a field, playing a collision sport.

My next girl and I will be working out together, lifting weights, for that foreplay and taking it to the bedroom, if we can make it out of the home fitness center, that is.

Needless to say, I train to develop functional, sexual, activity. Oh, I also train to be able to move furniture, around.

I train consistently and I eat consistently, well.  I take pictures and videos, all the time.  I do this so that I can keep myself accountable.  I do this so I can motivate myself, through progress.  I do this, so I can inspire you.

In 2013, I weighed barely over a 100 pounds.  I destroyed my body, inside, out.

If I can do it, you can too. The biggest challenge will continue to be… finding one’s will, to do the uncomfortable.  To strive for greatness, is to enjoy the journey.  The reward is in the desired progress and mini-accomplishments, by way of personal records and aesthetic change.

If you want to work with me, I can send workouts, specific to your goals, to your email, weekly.  If you want advising sessions on Skype or Snapchat, I can do those too.  Contact me for more info and to see if you qualify, to work together. Must possess DDD’s (Discipline, Dedication, & Determination).

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