Tania Tapia 2018

Tana Tapia is So Crucial Fam

Tana Tapia is So Crucial Fam

Tania Tapia is one of the strongest women I know, both physically and mentally.  She is one of the best models, I know and has inspired my own modeling. Tania has undeniable presence in front of the camera, which is evident by her work.  She is also an incredible product and promotional model.

As an entrepreneur, she runs glamourtrendsllc.com and I would highly recommend checking it out!

I am very proud to know, Tania, as she is one of the most determined people, tenacious in her work ethic but still makes time for those people in her life, that mean the most.

She has overcome so much, as it pertains to her health, which you will read about, in the interview, below.  She is personally, very inspiring to me and she drives me to fight hard and never give up.

Tania also was responsible for my most viewed YouTube video…which was a video of her training, in her So Crucial branded.  That glimpse into her training sessions has actually inspired a new So Crucial Fit Series coming to my  YouTube Channel! Visit my channel and make sure you subscribe and click that bell, to be notified when Tania takes over my YouTube, once again!

Tania Tapia Interview Questions – 
MD: It has been a minute, Tania, since we last caught up for my website!  How are you feeling, so far, in 2018!  Did you make any resolutions for yourself?
TT: 2018 feels pretty good, so far. I’m always working on keeping a positive mindset, in hopes that this year, and years to come are going to be much better then the last. I typically don’t make resolutions for myself. I feel everyday, and year should have my commitment to be the best I can, no matter what. 
MD: I know you have overcome a lot, with your health? How did and how do you stay so strong? Did you learn anything about yourself?
My Health Has Definitely Been A Challenge, And It Has Taken a Lot Out Of Me At Times. I Always Work On Keeping Positive Thoughts, And Have Fought Through The Hardest Of Times. Being Diagnosed With Stage 1 Uterine Cancer Was Scary, But I Face Everything Head On. The Worst Thing One Can Do Is Let Their Fear Over Power Them, To The Point Of Giving Up! 
Ive Learned, That I’m Very Strong Willed And Strive To Inspire Others. No Matter What Situation I Face, I Work To Overcome And Come Back Better Than Ever. 
MD: How do you keep your body aesthetic so consistently toned?  What kind of advice would you give others about health and fitness?
I Really Eat Healthy, And I Take Allot Of AntiAging Supplements. Getting Lots Of Rest Is Super Important As Well. A Huge Part Of My Being In Such Great Shape, Has Come From Great Genetics. My Working Out Just Enhances Everything Even More. 
My Advice To Other Is Take Care Of Yourself, By Eating Clean Foods, Consume Tons Of Water, And Nurture The Body With Proper Supplementation To Defy The Aging Process. It Should Be A Lifestyle. 
MD:  You have a contest coming up, tell my readers about that and how they can vote?
I Am One Of The Chose Contestants To Compete For The Cover Of Jetset Magazine. We Are Representing The B+ Foundation, Which Helps Families Dealing With Childhood Cancer. Readers Can Vote Twice Per Day By Going To My Page At The Following Link: 
MD: What other projects are you looking forward to this year and what are your goals for this year?
I Have Several Different Projects In The Works, But I’m Not Able To Disclose Them As Of Yet. I Am However Looking Forward To The Fitness Project For “So Crucial” 🙂 My Goal This Year Is To Make My Comeback Better Than Ever Before. 
MD: What are 2 or 3 go-to songs on your workout playlist?
“Never Alone” By Amity Affliction, “It’s Over When It’s Over” By Falling In Reverse. 
MD: What’s your favorite exercise?
My Favorite Exercise Is Working Out My Glutes, And Legs. 


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  1. Tania February 8, 2018 at 9:52 pm #

    Thank You So Much! My Advance Thanks To Everyone Who Votes, And Please Donate To The B + Foundation To Support Families Dealing With Childhood Cancer. xoxo


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