Camera’s Rolling

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Caution – Dangerous Curves and Explicit Content, Ahead

Out of The Shadows

Out of The Shadows

It’s been years since our love touched.  A love from afar, it has been; a connection, that penetrates deep within, her whole, body.  He feels her love, on the tip of his tongue.  She’s right there, underneath him, yet, so far, separated by thousands of miles.

The moment she said yes, to collaborating with me, to a cinematic approach, to couples fitness, was the moment, our foreplay began.  She knew the answer but asked anyway, “You know what’s going to happen, after the film shoot, right?”

“Yea,” I passionately quipped, “we’re gonna fuck.”

We decided not to see each other before camera’s started to roll.  The anticipation, the excitement, was heightened, both figuratively and literally.  The days leading up to the film shoot, I could not help but pleasure myself, to every image she teased me with.

She always knew the passion that arouse from inward to outward.  She knew because that’s her.  My passion, my intensity, is rivaled, only by her.

The day of the shoot…

she was on one side of set and I was on the other.  The Director and Assistant Director were going over the opening sequence with us both and I could hear her talking.

I was doing my very best to be present, in the conversation, regarding the opening film sequence… but listening to her voice, on the other side of the room, ignited my sex pheromones! I could almost smell our sex and our sex was always hot and animalistic!

The opening sequence…

had to be captured in one take.  This was the first time these two lovers, were seeing each other in many years.  The moment they saw each other, the cameras had to capture it.

Camera’s rolling…

Not even the best actors can capture what is purely organic and natural.  The moment we heard, “Cameras rolling.” we opened our eyes and reacted as we were supposed to, for the sequence and for us.  The grin, both mouths, turning into smiles… like kids in a proverbial candy store.

We knew each other’s looks like the back of our own hands.  The sexual energy was so thick, it surrounded her.  I could feel her, wrapped around me already.

Literally, as she wrapped her arms around me as we prepare for a pull-up sequence, which will involve her, wrapping her legs around my waist and draping her arms around my head.

Before that though, she stood on a plyo-box so that she can meet me with a kiss, each pull-up rep.  The moment, I pulled up, and my chin cleared that bar, I met those beautiful lips, with mine…

I must have hung up there for 30 seconds, isolated, while our lips move rhythmically, to our own dance. I lowered myself all the way down to the floor and let go of the bar. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her towards me, as she stood tall on that box.  Her tits, I wanted my handful, now. I want her nipples, on my lips.  I wanted to kiss and gently use the tip of my tongue, to trace letters of the alphabet, on her skin…that would form words…that would create the sentences of what I wanted to do to her.

This was going to be hard, to get through, these film sequence.  I wanted to finish and knew how hard it was going to be.  Her curves on full display.  Her ass lifted up her leggings and her sports bra trying to contain her DD’s!

Every sequence we filmed, seemed to steam not only wall mirrors but every camera lens on set.  We knew we were about to break the internet with the story we were telling on camera and off camera, behind the scenes were too sexy.

We were built, physically, for each other.  We were built functionally, to service each other. Our energy, the same, mirror and compliment each other.

Then came, “That’s a wrap!”  We both looked at each other, grabbed our things and left the building but before we could exit, she jumped on me; wrapped her legs around my waist, while I held her against the hallway wall, we were passionately reintroduced to each other’s lips and tongue.

We were not going to make it back to the hotel. We both wanted each other so badly and she could feel how aroused I was and I could feel her heat and wetness.  We were no strangers to finding anywhere to fuck and this was going to be no different.

The production team rented the fitness studio, that we filmed in and they just left the building.

She wants me on the bench and tells me to put it up, on a incline.  By this time, our clothes disappeared and I made it to the bench, now in the incline position.  She looks at me, with the most seductive eyes and takes her very long leg over to the other side of the bench. Now that she is in position, to straddle me… the bench, keeps me inclined and I can’t go anywhere but up, as she uses her hand to apply pressure to me and guide me, until I feel her even wetter than before.

She slides slowly down, on top of me, inch by inch, as I grab two handfuls of ass… I firmly squeeze, pull apart and pull her back up; inch by inch, slowly…

Part II Coming Soon 

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  1. Kristy ann April 25, 2018 at 11:57 am #

    Super steamy hot !!! Love it !!!


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    I like where this is going… Very sexy!


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    Love it!!


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    Very hot! The suspense is killing me! Go on…



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