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I have been a certified personal trainer and group fitness trainer, since 2005 and have worked for health clubs and universities, last, being Wayne State University.  Having worked hours on health club floors, I would encourage inexperienced trainers, to maximize time, outside of their sessions.

If you are not the only trainer there, feel free to illustrate common courtesy and re-rack weights, that unaware members, leave out.  You can also make sure equipment is put back and that areas are clean.

I would also recommend that trainers, ask the most successful trainer at their facility, to see if you can shadow her or him.

Lastly and where this blog entry goes, from here…is… I recommend that inexperienced trainers workout, at their facility, to earn the opportunity for potential new clientele.

There gets to a point, where you will have so many clients, though, that you may not want to workout where you train.  Or if you’re like me, you are not actively training, anymore but consulting and you can just train where it’s most beneficial for your overall progress.

I workout at Anytime Fitness, White Lake!


Why Anytime Fitness, White Lake?

Well, when you look for a fitness center, to train, you want to feel like the owner, managers, staff, care whether or not your there.  If you are ok with just being another number to them, than there is nothing wrong with that but I desire a more down home, kind of energy.

Anytime Fitness, in White Lake, has an incredible owner.

Well, Tim, is the owner and it starts with him.  I have been around the fitness industry for over 12 years and I can tell who wants to be there and who doesn’t, want to be there. Time genuinely, wants to be there.  He is a very real, genuine and caring fitness professional.  Besides being very personable, Tim keep updated equipment, he keeps the facility incredibly clean.

See My Pictures and Read my Review of Anytime Fitness White Lake on Google!

If you click the link above, you can see the pictures, that I took of Anytime Fitness, in White Lake. I have a few health club memberships but I honestly can say, I love working out at the White Lake, Anytime Fitness, the best.

I would highly recommend that anyone, near the White Lake area, check out Anytime Fitness! Ask for Tim and tell him, you saw this blog entry, on MichaelDadourian.com

I hope Anytime Fitness recognizes the kind of commitment to excellence, they have, at the White Lake, location.

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They also have social media, here is their Facebook and here is their Instagram page.

You can also follow me, at @michaeldadourian on Instagram, or watch my visuals at YouTube, like the visual, below.

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