Wendy’s Fitness Journey: Week One

Wendy has completed week one, of her online fitness program, with me in glorious fashion.  She had her ups and downs but was courageous enough to adopt an entirely new way of thinking and approaching fitness.  The goal was not to overwhelm her with too much, in the beginning.  Wendy, like so so many people, can have a tough time, in a crowded fitness facility.  She is not alone!  Many people struggle with that and they feel other gym patrons are staring and judging them.

I have been a certified personal trainer for almost 20 years and if I were to give a percent, to the people doing something wrong, while training, I would say 99% of gym patrons are guilty.  I express that, to express this…try not to worry about what others are doing, while training.  When I train, my headphones turn on and my mouth goes shut.  I am not there to talk, mingle or people watch.  Unless, I feel someone could seriously hurt themself, I mind my focus.

Wendy overcame excuses on week one, the heat and food cravings.  She works incredibly hard, with her job and I needed to design a 3 day split for her. Her goal is to lose 8 pounds (well, 7, now) and to shape her legs and butt.  I have implemented a specific tempo for many of her exercises so that she can create time under tension for the working muscle(s).

Pre-Fitness Program Photo

Pre-Fitness Program Photo

This was Wendy’s pre-program, photos and her goal was to show people, her body, unedited, unfiltered.  Wendy, being a very popular Instagram model, wanted people to know that what you see on Instagram is not real.

She is very courageous to take away the curtain, so to speak.  I believe Wendy’s goal, goes beyond the aesthetic and the functional.  Wendy truly wants to empower women and to let them know, that it’s ok to show people, the real YOU.

If you want to follow Wendy’s journey on my YouTube, follow this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Em98ByYm4U&list=PL8hAbd5p1TzZLX-vRqmOtjwr-0ab-0Q_o link.

Wendy, like so many other people, are programmed to follow the numbers on the scale.  I am trying hard, to emphasize, the other numbers, that are a better assessment of loss.  Since weight fluctuates, so much, I tell people and clients, to have their body fat measured and body measurements, taken. Also, if someone is really afraid of numbers in general, I tell them to not measure anything but judge, based off the way clothing begins to fit differently.

Psychologically, we can psych ourselves out of continuing our training, if we have certain expectations of what numbers should or should not be.

I have taken a look at Wendy’s week one progress photos and I can already tell, that she has loss at her inner thigh, butt and abdominal. What do you all think, do you see the same? Comment below and share Wendy’s journey!














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