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Guest Blog by Apollo Poetry – “Addiction”

This is a guest blog post by Apollo Poetry. Be sure to check him out over at Apollo Poetry. According to one definition, ‘addiction has been defined as physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances (for example alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and other drugs) which cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, temporarily altering the chemical milieu […]

F*** Beast Mode

Everyone wants to go beast mode.  Well, I am not everyone.  Fuck beast mode, I go straight Godzilla. I almost died, twice.  Not once. Twice. I wasted away to nothing, 5’10,” 100 and nothing.  How could a person that worked in the fitness and health field, struggle with substance abuse? Trust me when I express […]

Intimate Recovery: Wrapped

What. A. Beautiful. Day. I’m home, in peace, love and nature.  I am incredibly grateful, today, to be able to appreciate, so many things.  My Sober Coach asks me daily, what my word for the day is and I always say, “gratitude.”  To be here, laying on this hammock, right off the dock, was not […]

Kristy Ann Joins Intimate Recovery Cast

The lights flickered in my brain, struggling in a hospital bed, in a far away place; I was supposed to die. It appears the medical staff in that far away place, cared enough to save my life. The first week of February, 2013, I was checking out of this world. By the second week of […]

Blog Entries Being Drafted

“Weight Control” “Rise” “Intimate Recovery: A Film Short Update” Do you want more blog entries in addiction, personal training, relationships, travel, or literature? Or do you want me to cover any other topics?  Feel free to click one of the links to see past blog entries within those tags. Comment down below or contact me on to let me know […]

Going Back to That Place: Again

Let me walk that ledge between sane and insane.  Let me remix this sequel to – Now that you have read that, let me make that head spin. I am in and out of emotional sobriety to play the most important, most challenging role, of my artistic life. Acting has always come naturally for me. […]

4 Years of Continued Sobriety

I have always loved the above track, by B.o.B, featuring Taylor Swift.  I can identify with these lyrics in a way.  The idea of being strong enough to help another person, I think, is a shared human desire.  In helping someone else, I help myself.  Having mentioned that, I can not be co-dependent on another […]

Detroit’s DJ Joey A

It’s really easy to respond to national trend and what popular culture deems as the only form of entertainment, that supposedly matters.  The more I live on this planet, Earth, the more I despise popular culture and social expectations.  I don’t mind the rare realness that resonates from those that have a national / international […]

The Shaffee Show | Michael Dadourian

  Have you ever wanted to accomplish something so bad, that you were afraid to even begin?  Where do you even begin? What opposition will reveal itself and in what forms? Nobody has an opinion, until you do something that is deemed abnormal to the nine to fivers.  Get a job, punch the clock, be […]

MINutrition is Michigan’s Best Sport’s Nutrition Store

Throughout my years, as a Fitness Professional, I have taught hundreds of fitness classes, worked with small groups and personal trained more than a hundred, courageous, inspiring people. Questions I have often been asked, are in the realm of diet and supplementation.  Without fail, these questions are just as important as the questions regarding exercise […]