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The DKMD Show is a Health Web Series. It is co-produced and co-hosted by myself and great friend of nearly 20 years. Together we organically bring to our audience, unbiased, health information based off of our successful experience and the experience of others. The DKMD Show is hosted on YouTube and is not monetized, which means that their are no ads or endorsements of any brands whatsoever.

It is filmed in one take and covers subtopics in Health such as Diet, Fitness, Resonance, Recovery and Hydration.  The show is not edited and our primary goal is not to entertain but to engage with our audience, educate and motivate. Feel free to Join the Conversation using the Hash Tag #AskDKMD on Google Plus and Join The DKMD Show on Google Plus along with Subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Remember, “Health Care is in Your Hands because If Your Health Isnt Right, You Have Nothing Left.”

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