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Going Back to That Place

I thought that writing my first manuscript, Intimate Recovery was overwhelming at times, especially because the introduction took me back to the final days of the last time out, in the streets.  Now, that filming has almost wrapped on the Film Short, “Intimate Recovery,” (trailer below), I have been compelled to explain my process, to get into […]

Detroit’s DJ Joey A

It’s really easy to respond to national trend and what popular culture deems as the only form of entertainment, that supposedly matters.  The more I live on this planet, Earth, the more I despise popular culture and social expectations.  I don’t mind the rare realness that resonates from those that have a national / international […]

Current Psychology

Sometimes we only think the world is as large as that one person that interests us, at that time.  Then they are gone and whatever memories are still housed in the mind are working intensely to be set on fire, along with any pictures and keepsakes.  One day a memory comes, from a familiar time, […]

December Depression

Have you ever taken a shower and felt the water did nothing more than soak in the dirt?  I have done everything, from staying in longer, to taking showers on the repeat.  I can barely hold my head up, to this depression, I concede.  May the water melt me down, let that drain, take me […]

The Kristy Ann Brand

There is a reason I made her the face of my #SoCrucialMD brand.  Claudia Verela helped my brand immensely in the beginning, 10 years ago but I all but destroyed myself, along with my brand through substance abuse.  Along came a woman, enter fellow model, Kristy Ann, that would not only become later one of my best of […]