1:1 Personal Training

Prices to fit any budget

A typical package consists of 2 personalized workouts per week, each at 60 minutes long, for 1 month (or a total of 8 sessions). Additional sessions and various other services can be added on a la carte depending on the goals, wants, and needs of the client.

In addition to the actual training sessions, I can provide healthy lifestyle coaching including add-ons like meal planning, goal setting, how to eat at restaurants, and more personalized advice for your daily life.

The benefits of doing 1:1 personal training with me include:

  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Proper technique and form guidance
  • Personalized sessions
  • Strength and Conditioning training
  • Variety and Efficiency techniques

Not only will you see fat loss and feel better overall, but with personal training you get stress relief, injury prevention, full range of motion and mobility, and increased confidence as you fit better in clothes and have a healthier, positive outlook on life.

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