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Make it 21 Days

In order to make anything a habit, it takes about 3 weeks, minimum.  It takes doing something consistently for 21 days.  Usually, new habits are difficult to form because they often require a person to do something, that is out of their comfort zone. If it pertains to fitness, I want to express caution with […]

Welcome to my Fitness Laboratory

Welcome to my Fitness Laboratory, located at an undisclosed location! What you see above, is just half of the remodeled room, the other half is comprised of numerous mats and area for resistant band and body weight exercise. Why do I train myself here and not at a public training facility? I enjoy training myself […]

THE DKMD Show is Raw

I love being at the lake whenever I have the chance. City life can get to me and so when I need to take a break from people, I travel north a few hours and settle in, lake side.  I love going by myself but it is also nice to bring people that mean the […]

2 Years of Continued Sobriety

I can’t believe I hold you in my hand. It took me five years of going back and forth with accepting that I had a problem.  It took five years of facing the fear of the stigma they all built to shame me with.  I did not understand then what was wrong with me.  Why […]

Consistency vs. Intensity

I covered this topic previously in a YouTube video, in regards to training.  I have talked naturally to hundreds of people in a wide variety of health and fitness topics.  Being a Personal Trainer, I am trained to assess people’s fitness level.  Of course what we think looks like a fit person on the outside aesthetically, is […]

Roger Bezanis on Protein

I get asked all the time by clients, friends, and family about eating and the importance of protein.  I refer to my source because he can explain it much better than I can and it saves me time. I have embedded tweets from my friend and author Roger Bezanis who I deeply respect for telling […]