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The Kristy Ann Brand

There is a reason I made her the face of my #SoCrucialMD brand.  Claudia Verela helped my brand immensely in the beginning, 10 years ago but I all but destroyed myself, along with my brand through substance abuse.  Along came a woman, enter fellow model, Kristy Ann, that would not only become later one of my best of […]

Who I Identify With

I have said on numerous occasions that Eminem has written the soundtrack to my life.  Tupac Shakur will always be my favorite rapper but Eminem is in my top 3 and partly because his content has always resonated with me; from his drug use to his relapse and into recovery. I am including a couple […]

DJ Joey A: Part I

My interview series rolls on and continuing to keep it in the So Crucial family, I talked to “The Big Homie,” DJ Joey A.  For those not familiar with the music scene in Detroit, DJ Joey A is literally everywhere and he has been a music authority for years as a DJ, musician, producer.  He was […]

Tania Tapia is So Crucial Training

Tania Tapia is without a doubt one of the hardest working models I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Being in the industry myself and being a Personal Trainer I can definitely appreciate the hard work and dedication that someone like Tania puts in. Tania is one of the most loyal models and people […]