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Intimate Recovery: Wrapped

What. A. Beautiful. Day. I’m home, in peace, love and nature.  I am incredibly grateful, today, to be able to appreciate, so many things.  My Sober Coach asks me daily, what my word for the day is and I always say, “gratitude.”  To be here, laying on this hammock, right off the dock, was not […]

The Kristy Ann Brand

There is a reason I made her the face of my #SoCrucialMD brand.  Claudia Verela helped my brand immensely in the beginning, 10 years ago but I all but destroyed myself, along with my brand through substance abuse.  Along came a woman, enter fellow model, Kristy Ann, that would not only become later one of my best of […]

Model Kristy Ann March

As we march into Spring, “the face of So Crucial” marches with it; model Kristy Ann is March.  She has been gracing covers and earned incredible features.  Her hustle, loyalty, and friendship is unrivaled.  She is doing all this while balancing being a full time mom.   To earn more respect points, rocking that Superwoman “S” on […]