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You Can Call Me Mike D

Guess who’s back? It’s me mother fuckers, Mike D. Michael Dadourian would try and warn you before he started cussin’ but he ain’t me and right now he is a little busy… being tied up in the basement. I did it, I did it because I can’t take his little fucking recovery journey.  This was […]


Warning – Explosive Content Ahead Not since, I was Invited, have I came and went stayed.  She was extremely accommodating, which made my stay that much more fulfilling.  How could we top months of anticipation and a first encounter, indoors and horizontally, engaging? How about a couple more months of absence and anticipation?  How does that sound read […]

Invited: Part II

If you have not read “Invited: Part I,” enter here. Sexual Content Ahead – Dangerous Curves Where was I?  Let me think back to “Invited: Part I” for a moment, while I bend and wrap these words around this image of her on the bed… I’ll use this alphabet for mutual satisfaction. Oh yea, my mind and body is […]