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The Bella Effect

Before Bella I have been Personal Training people for nearly 10 years.  Those that frequent my site, know that I have struggled with substance abuse and addiction for years.  How can I train people and struggled with substance abuse you ask?  Well, I didn’t, at least not very well. I would reschedule and cancel all the time. […]

The Stephen Sersen Effect

More than two-thirds of United States Adults are overweight or obese.  Is obesity a disease?  Well, just like addiction is a mental disease I would have to agree that obesity from my experience working with people is very similar.  A disease of the mind can be extremely baffling and the stigma associated with it can […]

Consistency vs. Intensity

I covered this topic previously in a YouTube video, in regards to training.  I have talked naturally to hundreds of people in a wide variety of health and fitness topics.  Being a Personal Trainer, I am trained to assess people’s fitness level.  Of course what we think looks like a fit person on the outside aesthetically, is […]