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Wendy’s Fitness Journey: Week One

Wendy has completed week one, of her online fitness program, with me in glorious fashion.  She had her ups and downs but was courageous enough to adopt an entirely new way of thinking and approaching fitness.  The goal was not to overwhelm her with too much, in the beginning.  Wendy, like so so many people, […]

The Stephen Sersen Effect

More than two-thirds of United States Adults are overweight or obese.  Is obesity a disease?  Well, just like addiction is a mental disease I would have to agree that obesity from my experience working with people is very similar.  A disease of the mind can be extremely baffling and the stigma associated with it can […]

Consistency vs. Intensity

I covered this topic previously in a YouTube video, in regards to training.  I have talked naturally to hundreds of people in a wide variety of health and fitness topics.  Being a Personal Trainer, I am trained to assess people’s fitness level.  Of course what we think looks like a fit person on the outside aesthetically, is […]