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Circles of Blame

  My mind is slowly improving after years of heavy substance abuse.  I have been told it could take 5 years for my mind to fully heal.  I have jokingly heard from some, that it will take another 5 years to figure out how to use it.  Well, I’m not big into numbers and statistics, […]

Going Ghost

I have decided to go completely ghost in 2016 and so everything I do in 2015 will be in preparation for that. What does that mean? I am not a big believer in explaining what my language means but in this blog entry I probably should. I am creating even more boundaries for myself. MichaelDadourian.com […]

I’m Not From Here

Throughout the years I have published many blog entries by way of my website and social media platforms.  Most of the time I’m inspired with an idea and  have a plan of how I want to begin to develop those first thoughts.  Just sometimes, through the beginning stages, something changes.  I then boldly go into […]