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Current Psychology

Sometimes we only think the world is as large as that one person that interests us, at that time.  Then they are gone and whatever memories are still housed in the mind are working intensely to be set on fire, along with any pictures and keepsakes.  One day a memory comes, from a familiar time, […]

Invited: Part II

If you have not read “Invited: Part I,” enter here. Sexual Content Ahead – Dangerous Curves Where was I?  Let me think back to “Invited: Part I” for a moment, while I bend and wrap these words around this image of her on the bed… I’ll use this alphabet for mutual satisfaction. Oh yea, my mind and body is […]

Invited: Part I

Sexual Content Ahead – Dangerous Curves Long distance had me looking through that web glass, for a hour; anticipating the weekend my hands would explore that hour glass.  36″, 23, “36 is the combination that unlocks her flexibility. Anticipation is a natural aphrodisiac, action pumps blood through my body’s limbs.  She has me unlocking my […]

May the Best Man Win

Have you ever loved someone so much that you were afraid to literally let them go?  Well, I have learned a great deal, not from my age but from a great deal of experience.  That’s insecurity, to fear that which is out of sight is gone forever.  What’s with this title, “May the Best Man […]

How You Know They Love You

Before I get into this Blog entry, I thought it would be best to present the dictionary.com definition of the word “love.”           I was torn, not sure if I wanted to post the definition to this word.  It’s not that I believe that the definition is wrong.  I merely think that […]