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To those people that have supported my So Crucial MD brand by buying the clothing, modeling in them, sharing them, and otherwise promoting them, I want to express my deepest thank you. To those that saw the value of my brand from the very beginning, especially those people that did not know me a long […]

So Crucial MD: Competitive Series – RLQ

If you know anything about fitness, a couple names are probably synonymous with certain generations.  The first name is Jack Lalanne and the other is Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Two different people from two different background and two different methodologies.  Jack was more of a functional fitness enthusiast as Arnold was a body building enthusiast.  Their enthusiasm […]

So Crucial Events: Back To The Future

I may be best known in Metro Detroit for starting a small little event with DJ Joey A, to celebrate the launch of my #SoCrucialMD branded line at The Post Bar, Novi.  The very first WYLD Wednesday launch, occurred on May 2nd, 2007.  The Post Bar, Novi location was approximately 15,000 square feet and included […]

Antoinette Marie is So Crucial

What is So Crucial? As inspired by Michael Dadourian, So Crucial is the embodiment of all words that depict what is hot, what is cool, what is awesome, what is dope, what is sick, what is NOW. So Crucial is HOT to the tenth power. So Crucial is the phrase to say, the words to […]

Model Kristy Ann March

As we march into Spring, “the face of So Crucial” marches with it; model Kristy Ann is March.  She has been gracing covers and earned incredible features.  Her hustle, loyalty, and friendship is unrivaled.  She is doing all this while balancing being a full time mom.   To earn more respect points, rocking that Superwoman “S” on […]

Tania Tapia is So Crucial Training

Tania Tapia is without a doubt one of the hardest working models I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Being in the industry myself and being a Personal Trainer I can definitely appreciate the hard work and dedication that someone like Tania puts in. Tania is one of the most loyal models and people […]