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Greatest Podcast in the Universe

Are you caught up with every episode of The Shaffee Show!? Since 1999, you may have had the pleasure of hearing him on the radio in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan.  You may have heard him on the radio in Atlanta; where he also was the Public Address Announcer, for the then, Atlanta Thrashers!  He […]

The Shaffee Show: 1.6.2017

Click the picture to be taken to The Shaffee Show, official website! The Shaffee Show is back, a second show in the same week!?  What’s the deal, has he gone mad? Is Shaffee insecure about his age?  Are people just trying to be nice to him.  Listen to him, break down his birthday, this past […]

The Shaffee Show: 12.30.2016

  The Shaffee Show – 12/30/16 The Shaffee Show is back, for the final episode of 2016!  I honestly can express, that even if I did not sponsor Shaffee’s, “The Shaffee Show,” I would listen to it regardless.  Like Nas, all this man needs, is one mic.  He has a very loyal following, from all […]

The Shaffee Show: 12.2.16

The Shaffee Show is back with another great episode! Listen below, via Stitcher. I love listening to The Shaffee Show.  I have not listened to the radio in over a year and I look forward to his podcast each week.  Each episode is different.  It’s unpredictable, it’s funny, entertaining and its realness is refreshing. Press Play […]

The Shaffee Show: 11.24.16

Did you know, that The Shaffee Show, is brought to you by Intimate Recovery?  Well, it is.  Shaffee is back with the second episode of his podcast and can be listened to below!  Listen to what everyone is talking about; the hype is real, the entertainment is surreal. Like it? Share it with your friends, family, […]

The Shaffee Show

It’s 2:15 in the morning and just finished listening to my good friend, fam Shaffee’s new Podcast episode.  I may be slightly bias but I can also be objective.  I must express, that The Shaffee Show is back and I was inspired from the first minutes until the little-over-a-hour show, finished.  I was inspired to […]